Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Founder and Chairman


President and Creative Director

Vision-In-Action Leadership Institute

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is a philosopher; ordained Zen Buddhist priest and scholar; teacher of esoteric spiritual philosophies of the East and the West; creator and leader of transformational programs; consultant and advisor to leaders in business, science, and cultural organizations; researcher of science and scientific paradigms; translator of ancient Japanese and Chinese scriptures; and author in the fields of spiritual philosophy, evolutionary ethics, integral science, and business leadership.

Mr. Kimura is considered one of the most original, visionary thinkers in the field of integral and evolutionary philosophy. He is recognized for his unique ability to integrate advanced Western scientific thought with intuitive Eastern spiritual insight to bring about radical and lasting transformation in individuals and organizations. His numerous writings and seminars are acclaimed for their originality and spiritual depth.

In the field of self-development, Mr. Kimura teaches a uniquely integral way of consciously directed self-evolution by creating a synergetic evolutionary structure for transformational self-study which is incomparable in its depth, scope, and power—without the usual external authority or guru-follower structure and without the dependency on any particular conceptual models or frameworks.

In the field of organizational development, Mr. Kimura assists business leaders to evolve beyond the paradigm-bound thinking that inhibits ongoing development. Through his Zen-like, Socratic method of inquiry and dialogue, he awakens the highest level of creativity in people, which leads to effective action and breakthrough result. He also teaches CEOs and senior executives how to apply the latest scientific theories and the ancient-most esoteric teachings to strategic innovation and organizational transformation.

In 1998, Mr. Kimura was appointed to be Executive Director of The Twilight Club, which had been originally established in the 19th century as a venerable American tradition by Herbert Spencer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Edwin Markham, Andrew Carnegie, Oliver Wendell Holms, William James, John Borroughs, and other prominent Americans for the purpose of ethical uplifting of the world through the enrichment of culture. In the early 20th century, Thomas Watson, Sr. and Walter Russell developed The Twilight Club into The Society of Arts and Science.

In 2003 Mr. Kimura established Vision-In-Action, an action-oriented sapient circle of thought leaders, as the 21st-century version of The Twilight Club/Society of Arts and Science, to develop and implement creative, innovative, and transformative approaches to problems and challenges facing humanity that will bring about novel resolutions and a new evolutionary pathway for the world. In 2005 he further established Vision-In-Action Leadership Institute to develop spiritually awakened, intellectually sovereign, and emotionally mature leaders of humanity.

(A comprehensive description of Vision-In-Action is outlined in his essay “The Four Pillars of the Work of Vision-In-Action” Four Pillars, in the Articles Section of this website along with his other signature essays.)

Books and Essays

A prolific writer, Mr. Kimura has authored, since 1998, well over 50 articles, essays and translations in the fields of spiritual philosophy, evolutionary ethics, integral science, and business leadership. All of his writings are an invitation to think along with him as he seeks to awaken the potential for authentic thinking and breakthrough insight. His published work includes:

  • The Book of Balance, an acclaimed modern translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Teh Ching
  • Think Kosmically Act Globally, a collection of original essays on spirituality, ethics, and metascience
  • The Twilight Manifesto, the history and vision of The Twilight Club
  • THINK: The First Principle of Business based on Walter Russell’s lectures at IBM in the 1920s to 1930s and co-edited with the poet and author Laara Lindo
  • Editor In Chief of VIA, a biannual anthology of thought-provoking essays and articles in applied philosophy, integrating spirituality with philosophy, science, business, and social issues

His forthcoming books include:

  • Vision In Action I: Think Kosmically Act Globally
  • Vision In Action II: Alignment Beyond Agreement
  • Vision In Action III: Further Reaches of Human Consciousness
  • Miso Soup for the Soul
  • Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution Course 3 Volume Set
  • The Omnicentric Manifesto: A Vision for the New World of Freedom
  • The Omnicentric Universe: A New Vision of the Universe
  • The Omnicentric Consciousness: The Next Evolution

Seminars and Courses

Mr. Kimura has developed, since 1992, well over 100 transformational programs designed to facilitate, through deeply thought-provoking inquiries and powerful syntheses of esoteric philosophy and scientific knowledge, authentic awakening and development of spirituality, creativity, intelligence, and consciousness.

Individual and organizational interactive programs and seminars include:

  • Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution I (one-year program)
  • Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution II (one-year program)
  • Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution III (one-year program)
  • The Awakening the Genius Within Workshop (weekend program)
  • The Passion Workshop (weekend program)
  • The Vision Workshop (weekend program)
  • Vision, Passion, Creativity (business seminar)
  • Leadership Intensive Based on The Principles of Tao (business seminar)
  • Strategic Thinking for Global Leadership (business seminar)
  • Alignment Beyond Agreement (corporate program)
  • Evolutionary Ethics for Corporate Development (corporate program)

Invited guest lecturer at:

  • United Nations, NY
  • International Conference for Science and Consciousness, NM
  • USC international MBA program, CA
  • MIT Sloan Leadership Conference, MA
  • Presidential Key Executive Alumni class at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, CA
  • The Graduate Institute, CT
  • Omega Institute, NY
  • Hokkaido International Science Symposium, Japan


Glenn A. Olds, Ph. D. (1921—2006)

Professor of Philosophy, University President, Ambassador to the U.N. Economic & Social Council, Special Assistant to Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon

Breaking on the scene with youthful vigor and brilliance is this synthesizing mind, bringing the East and West together. Yasuhiko Genku Kimura has the great 20th-century American philosophers F.S.C. Northrop’s sweep of vision and Paul Weis’ metaphysical insight and practical wisdom of linking the East and West. Kimura also uniquely recaptures the wisdom of Emerson and Whitman. His distinctiveness lies in bringing his grasp of Eastern cultures, the discipline of a Buddhist priest, and the sophistication of Western scientific tradition into a new and illuminating synthesis for our time.

Audrey Kitagawa, J.D.

Spiritual Leader, Special Advisor to the World Federation of United Nations Associations, Vice-Chair, Council for a Parliament of World Religions, New York/Hawaii

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura’s dazzling brilliance and ability to express with precision and clarity his distillation of thousands of years of perennial wisdom into a dynamic, relevant teaching for today, enhances our ability to live fully in the present. A unique and gifted thinker who is moving us into the new frontiers of global awakening and transformation, Yasuhiko is someone who commands our attention.

Linda-Marie Evola-Smidt

Founder of the Peace Angels Project, New York

During time periods in history, there are always philosophers and great thinkers who provoke and prod the human condition to go to a higher level of our consciousness. It is critical that we remember who we are and what qualities bring us higher to manifest the best of humanity. I am honored to be in the presence of Yasuhiko Genku Kimura. My mind is hungry to be filled with thoughts of profound essence.

Mark Pecen, Ph.D.

Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Research In Motion (RIM), Waterloo, Ontario

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is an expert at bringing far-reaching thinkers together across multiple disciplines and cultures. He is a highly talented translator of Eastern thought into a form that the Western mind can understand.

Caroline Sami

Business Consultant and Leadership Coach, Founder and Chief ID:ologist, ID:ology, London/New York

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is one of the most magical teachers I’ve ever encountered, and that’s a lot of teachers over many years. He puts the genie in genius.

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