Is it time for a new roof? It can be a problem to choose the right roof if you failed to do some research. It’s also going to be a big project. That’s why you want to ensure that things are done right. These pieces of advice will help you know what roofing style can make your home appear great while withstanding all outdoor elements and lasting for a long time.

You should think about how much you’re willing to invest in the new roof. Roofs are different, especially when it comes to construction or acquisition costs. Fiberglass and asphalt shingles make for durable surfaces, and they’re relatively simple to install with low maintenance costs. Wooden shakes may also be a cheap and attractive choice, but they need more maintenance and won’t fit every home design. But you could find high-end materials like tile, clay, and slate if you have money to burn. Although the high costs can be inconvenient, they require low maintenance while providing for much longer service life.

Choosing a Roof for your Home

Reinforce the look of your home by considering the architectural style and color of your house. Coastal homes painted in bright blue or red will go best with Spanish style roofs. But if you have an HOA in your community, you may want to go by their rules regarding which roofs are perfect.

Environmentally sound roofs are popular these days as a wall. They’re called green roofs, and they are smart additions to homes. Eco-roofs consist of several types and may be easily installed in pre-crafted trays and modules. Some people even add new roofs to meet their newer demands. Green roofs help conserve money, produce oxygen and eliminate excess CO2.

Choosing the Right Aesthetics

Choosing the right shingle color is a simple way to enhance a difficult color scheme. White, blue, and gray homes will look nice with either dark gray or black shingles. Choose a touch of brown or cream if your house is red, white or cream. If your house in green, yellow, or red, then the best options for roofs are red, black, and brown. In general, try to match your roof color to the colors of the house elements.

However, aesthetics isn’t the only concern. You also have to take into consideration heavy winds, snowfall, rain, storm, and hail. For snowfall-prone areas, metal roofing has become more common as it allows the melting of ice and snow. It also saves heating costs if properly isolated. In comparison to asphalt shingles, metal roofs are also the most comfortable choices in high wind areas. On the other hand, tiles can withstand pounding so they are great choices in areas where there are heavy rains.

Choose the Right Roof for Your Home

In recent years, metal became a very popular choice for roofing. Metal roofing is offered different installation styles and the right one to choose will depend on your roofing contractor. Consult with an expert roofer Pittsburgh to know which one suits your house best.