Having a tree in your lawn can really add beauty to your property. However, if you want to achieve this feature, you have to take a lot of care to maintain the tree across every season. This will ensure that the tree stays attractive and safe. With regular and proper maintenance, you are making sure that the tree will continue to look great as they grow.

Early spring is almost here with winter almost at its end. Because of this, you’ve got the chance to get outside and look at your tree. If you know how to prepare your tree, you can ensure that they’ll look their best and stay secure and safe come springtime. This enables you to enjoy your tree whenever the good weather arrives.

Though you can do a lot of planning, it’s also worth keeping in mind that you might need help from an expert arborist in some cases. If you do not want to hire a tree removal Charlotte NC company for a dead tree, here are several ways to prepare your trees for spring.

Check for Winter Damage

To make sure that the tree is safe, an arborist should perform a complete inspection of the entire tree. The winter weather might have caused damage to your tree. This includes ice and snow damage.

Dead foliage, holes, and cracks in the tree’s bark are obvious indications of tree damage. In addition to that, you also have to check for any illnesses. The reason for this is that a tree disease can cause death to your tree.

Light Pruning

You can probably do light pruning without the help of an arborist. You have to thoroughly check every tree. You need to search for an old and drying branch that you can cut back. However, you’ve got to ensure you have the right equipment for the task.

It is not ideal to prune during winter. Spring trees will need pruning during early spring. The reason for this is that winter pruning can damage the tree. You can also prune fruit trees in early spring or late winter. Also, you’ve got to prune the tree before any of the buds will bloom.

When it comes to light pruning, you have to be careful of your own skills. It might appear simple enough. However, it can still present particular threats if you do not have the right equipment. Tree services can offer thinning and pruning for bigger trees.


Excellent quality mulch is extremely advantageous for the overall health and care of your trees. For a lot of trees, you might have to reapply mulch in spring. Also, if you don’t have mulch, you should really consider installing them on your tree if you want to gain the different benefits that it offers.

There are a lot of excellent reasons to get your mulch this spring. This includes making sure that the tree gets enough nutrition and water from the soil, control the soil temperature, retain moisture, and suppress weeds.